Welcome Home Nomadic Souls!



Hi, I am Khadija from Lahore, Pakistan and this is my personal travel blog. I am a software engineer by Qualification, SQA Engineer by profession, and an artist, blogger, reader and a traveler by heart. I love to explore places and meet new people as I travel. And I am a believer of “existing everywhere.”

Combing my two major interests i.e. blogging and traveling, I present you with my blog Chic in Kicks. Sounds interesting?

Well, I am a soul that is trapped physically in a body of flesh and bones, but it is set free by the power of imaginations and genuine emotions. This it is thus standing in a perfect connection with nature’s beautiful secrets.

Therefore, Chic in Kicks defines me better than any other name because I am a person like a paradox since I am a combination of style and roughness. Since, I prefer elegance in appearance and, freedom of shagginess worn by wanderer by heart.

With this travel blog, I hope not only to meet the travelers as adventurous as me but to share my personal experiences along with the take away for my readers. I believe traveling is not only about going on a luxurious vacation. It’s much more than taking photographs of scenic beauty, admiring the unique architecture, trying out different flavors of food and merely blogging about travel experiences. Traveling is an enticing opportunity to explore yourself in a new dimension. It’s about discovering the hidden you while exploring and understanding the nature. It’s a way to connect globally and often it unveils the secrets of the world to you that otherwise would remain clandestine. Traveling is about bringing a charisma to one’s soul in an unpredictable surprising manner.