Sarcasm and Laughter

Busy life in the city of Lahore has much more to offer than we expect. I recently had a chance to attend a comedy show presented by Pakistan Tehreek-e-Comedy (PTC) organized at Alhamra Art Center, Lahore. PTC is a comic community run by a group of talented youngsters who are not only exploring their hidden abilities but also performing their best at every show!

Trust me, I had one of the liveliest experience since the performers were not specific to just any one topic. Instead, they could make instant jokes on politics, domestic life, modern ways, casual talks and what not.  They exactly know what they are good at, and they are the experts of sarcasm that leave the people rolling on the floor laughing! I had the best time laughing my heart off.

I really recommend attending PTC conference if that’s happening when you are in Lahore. Besides that, there are many other stand-up comedy shows that are held throughout the year to re-energize you while you are going through work frustration or so. Have faith in the spirit of Lahore! 🙂

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